Sunday, January 5, 2014

Scifi Textures - Another wall...

Work In Progress

Another Wall Texture

Remember that one texture I was talking about this morning? Well here it is...

I spent some time reconfiguring things on the mesh and I solved my baking problems... overall it came out very good, almost better than expected. Here is the diffuse texture...

Like the other one I still have to make a proper emissive map (something I should do before I have a pile of textures to make emissive maps for), but that will remain a task for another day.
Overall I am pretty happy with this one - I put a lot of careful detail into the paint. Pay close attention to the numbers on the two panels near the bottom - I added some overspray to suggest that some careless builders hastily used some stencils to spray on numbers and stuff. Look closely and I you will see that I even added some overlapping overspray as well, suggesting that some of the stencils were taped on and sprayed one at a time.
I like to do these things because, even though it is a sci-fi texture, it still contains elements of grunge and wear and tear that you would see in the real world on machines and other metal surfaces. It also gives some narrative to the texture itself.
I will also versions of these textures without these paint marks so you won't have to see them repeat across a corridor or room (as I ...may... have said before...)
Thanks and stay tuned for more stuff!

Scifi Textures

Work In Progress

My computer strikes again...

Well I kind of lied about taking a break yesterday - I ended up working on the computer for a much too long time because for some reason one of my texture bakes was acting funny.

Parts of the 3d model had flipped normals for some reason and I had to go back and un-flip them, which is a royal pain in the ass considering the fact that a regular hard surface model consists of about 50k polys. My floating geometry was also not baking the right way...

A minor setback which should hopefully be overcome this evening, and I will post the results if I do.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Scifi Textures

Work In Progress

Scifi Wall Texture
Finished a wall texture today. Not much to say here but all I have to do is bake the lighting into the texture for the emissive map. The grunge looks pretty good. Gonna add some blue paint sooner or later. I was a bit inspired by the DOOM 3 series but I wanted to make it have more of a grungy-yet-clean feel that I like.

Tomarrow I am likely to be taking a break - maybe work on a few little things here and there, but nothing major. I have a life to live you know :)

Stay tuned for more updates.

Work In Progress

Scifi Textures

Finished the diffuse texture on the panel this morning. I am happy with the way it came out, but I think maybe some paint is in order on the edges of the panel. I have too many ideas...

Here is the diffuse texture itself:

The total time I spent working on this texture was actually minimal - maybe only a few hours total so far - but I will have to make some variations as well, just because they are nice to have. When put in a scene it will break up repetition better than if I just had a single texture all the time.
All that is left to do is fix some tiling issues (I haven't made this texture 100 percent seamless yet - some of the dirt has seams that need to be fixed), but that is a pretty quick job.
Next will come the other floor I posted yesterday - should be a pretty easy job as well.
Maybe I will even do a tutorial post sometime...

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Work In Progress

Scifi Textures
Back In The Game - Scifi 3.0
Been getting back into the swing of 3d work lately... I have not really been making any content lately mainly due to being a student and always having work to do all the time. I also have a to have a life, too :)

Anyway I actually had some free time today to do some texture work for one of my upcoming texture packs that I started working on a few months ago for the upcoming FPS Creator Reloaded but stopped. Determined to get it going again I got a couple of texture maps done, all I need to do is load them into Photoshop and get to doing the diffuse maps. I should probably clean off my desk first though beforehand because right now it is pretty messy where I am working... oh well...

Scifi Floor

Scifi Floor/Grate

These were made in 2D in a vector/web design program and then I used Xnormal to generate my ambient occlusion, cavity, etc maps from the height map I made. These images are not the final textures, however they just have the normal map and ambient occlusion applied to them.

For those who may be wondering what a finished texture may look like this is one I did for the pack a while ago:

I'll post updates on this pack whenever I have something new to show. If you want to see more scifi texture work I started a forum thread which you can find HERE. There you will find more finished stuff and textures to look at.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Products Available - Scifi Textures 2.0

Scifi Textures 2.0

The second installment in the series of next-gen scifi texture packs. Original product created Jul 20, 2012 .

Go see this product on Turbosquid


-185 texture image files

-25 unique textures, plus 5 more variant textures to make 30 textures

-Diffuse, normal, ambient occlusion, specular, height, and baked maps (for shaderless engines)

-512 x 512 pixels (texture size)

-All maps done by hand.

Download a .zifile containing watermarked textures HERE

Price: 28$ USD

License: Royalty Free



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A little about me (the artist)...
My name is Travis Wahl and I am a 3D artist specializing in content for game applications and animation. I primarily enjoy 3d modeling and game design as a hobby, but I also have used it to generate some income as well. I previously started to sell media on Turbosquid, but now I am moving away from that and will be using this blog to sell media through Sellbox:
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Of course, if you so choose, you can go to turbosquid and buy my products from there as well, and there is nothing wrong with that. Search "Pancakeman96" to get my full list of products.
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